Com Raid – Spring/Summer 08

By - March 22nd, 2008” title=”freshness-com-raid-black-medal.jpg”>Com Raid   Spring/Summer 08
Black Medal 

Here is a sneak preview of what will be coming out of the Com Raid camp for S/S 08. The styles have evolved over the past year or so with the brand growing from dope to doper. Strong graphics and thought provoking message is once again their theme and expect these to drop in few months time at fine select retailers in US, Australia and around the globe.

> Com Raid

More pics after the jump…” title=”freshness-com-raid-bull.jpg”>Com Raid   Spring/Summer 08
War Bulls” title=”freshness-com-raid-swing-tag.jpg”>Com Raid   Spring/Summer 08
Swing tag detail” title=”freshness-com-raid-agressive.jpg”>Com Raid   Spring/Summer 08
Unity” title=”freshness-com-raid-tag.jpg”>Com Raid   Spring/Summer 08
Tag detail” title=”freshness-com-raid-boycott.jpg”>Com Raid   Spring/Summer 08