TIMBUK2 – Steve Sleeve

By - April 2nd, 2008

timbuk2macbookairsleeve greenheader TIMBUK2   Steve Sleeve

April Fool’s Day hoaxes have become so elaborate that it has become quite difficult to distinguish between actuality and virtuality. So when some of us saw this product rendering by bag manufacture TIMBUK2 on the site of our friend, Josh Spear. We immediately thought of it as an April Fool’s rouse, so we thought… It turns out the product is very real. Meant for the newest Apple laptop model, MacBook Air. The TIMBUK2 Steve Sleeve (after the famous Apple CEO) mimics the indispensable office gear – the manila envelope. But behind the simple design, this laptop sleeve features some of the most advance designs. Following its sustainability doctrines, TIMBUK2 utilized non-toxic glue to held the sleeve together. The seams are then reinforced with ultrasonic welds. The beige, paper-like exterior is actually a durable soft shell fabric used on mountaineering apparels. The cushioning fleece on the interior is made for recycled PET soda bottles, so are the buttons.

The TIMBUK2 Steve Sleeve for MacBook Air will be release in the coming weeks. To receive updates or notification pf its availability, simply sign-up with your email address at the following page. via: Josh Spear


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timbuk2macbookairsleeve front TIMBUK2   Steve Sleeve

timbuk2macbookairsleeve back TIMBUK2   Steve Sleeve

timbuk2macbookairsleeve side2 TIMBUK2   Steve Sleeve

timbuk2macbookairsleeve open2 TIMBUK2   Steve Sleeve

timbuk2macbookairsleeve detail TIMBUK2   Steve Sleeve