Altamont Apparel x FiberOps

By - April 16th, 2008

altf08 fiber elbuzzardo tee Altamont Apparel x FiberOps
It is about skate, it is about graffiti, but the most important aspect is that it is about a way of life. That is the message California-based Altamont Apparel try to convey to their customers. Since last season, the label has invited legends, both past and present, as collaborators to its seasonal collection. For Fall 2008, Altamont asked FiberOps and Alyasha Owerka-Moore to create special collection. Based on FiberOps’ concept of traditional American workwears with the detailing of fine urban fashion. The Altamont x FiberOps Collection will consists of 5 editions – Garage Jacket, Mohair Sweater, Moto Hoodie, El Buzzo T-Shirt, and Pro-Tex Denim. The most interesting aspect is the Pro-Tex Denim. Made with denim fabric from world renown Swift Denim Mill in Georgia, USA. Altamont actually suggest not to wash newly purchase denim the first 6 months. The wearer’s motions and habits will imprint each into the unique indigo dye from Swift Denim.

The collection will be release at the start of Fall this year.

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altf08 fiber moto Altamont Apparel x FiberOps

altf08 fiber garage Altamont Apparel x FiberOps

altf08 fiber mohair Altamont Apparel x FiberOps

altf08 fiber denim Altamont Apparel x FiberOps

altf08 fiber tag aly Altamont Apparel x FiberOps