Banksy – Solo Exhibition Hong Kong

By - April 27th, 2008

Banksy   Solo Exhibition Hong Kong

After a very successful group exhibition ‘Love Art’ recently held in Hong Kong,” target=”_blank” title=”Banksy”>Banksy will be previewing his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong. The solo exhibition will be a continuation from ‘Love Art’ with additional unique artworks unseen in Hong Kong. This exhibition is presented by” target=”_blank” title=”Schoeni Art Gallery”>Schoeni Art Gallery in association with” target=”_blank” title=”Fabrik Contemporary Art”>Fabrik Contemporary Art and” target=”_blank”>Helium Foundation, so drop into the gallery if you are in Hong Kong.

Schoeni Art Gallery
21 – 31 Old Bailey Street
Central, Hong Kong

Exhibition Dates: April 29th (Tuesday) – May 13th (Tuesday)” target=”_blank” title=”Banksy”>> Banksy” target=”_blank” title=”Shoeni Art Gallery”>> Schoeni Art Gallery” target=”_blank” title=”Fabrik Contemporary Art”>> Fabrik Contemporary Art” target=”_blank”>> Helium Foundation