Freshness Feature: Air Jordan x Levi’s 23/501

By - May 1st, 2008

Freshness Feature: Air Jordan x Levis 23/501

Freshness Feature: Air Jordan x Levis 23/501

Interview and Written by: Tom Bradley
Produced by: DAN H.

Interview with Mark Graham of ilovedust

ilovedust is a design collective working in stylized solutions for products and brands of all sizes. They recently worked with the globally recognized Jordan Brand on a special release of the iconic Air Jordan I basketball sneaker. The AJ I is largely considered to be among the most sought after, revolutionary consumer products of the 20th century so it is only fitting that classic American jean maker Levi’s would put its spin on the footwear icon. Lending gold rivets and denim tailoring to Jordan’s trailblazing silhouette, LEVIS drapes the AJ I in timeless cool, adding the attractive Air Jordan III “elephant print” design cue to further endear the shoe to sneaker heads everywhere. Freshness took advantage of the rarely provided interview opportunity afforded by ilovedust and the AJ I x Levi’s experience has been made even richer as a result.

> ilovedust
> Nike – Jordan Brand
> Levi’s Strauss

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What has it been like working with two brands of such iconic status?

Well, I think firstly we were really happy to be asked by Jason and the guys at Brand Jordan to work with them in developing the ideas that finally made it to production. As you can imagine each brand had certain specifics and ideals they wanted to make sure we represented within our designs.



With regard for international backgrounds, ILOVEDUST is about as eclectic as a bunch of creatives can get. How did you approach a project so steeped in American culture as this one?

Yes indeed both play large parts in American fashion culture but also both are world wide icons too. As a group we all love and respect both brands for different reasons, and as you mentioned, both are steeped in American culture as well as being bathed in a glorious history and quality. Each brand has a very different heritage and appeal, that was important for us to use, and helped shape the way we approached the brief.

We took a very hand’s on approach when creating the work, taking our scissors out on fresh pairs of Jordan 1’s and numerous 501’s so we could keep the core values and qualities to each product apparent in the design. I think that helped a lot, and gave us something that was obviously faithful to both brands, pair that with our hand drawn elements and pattern making


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