Freshness Feature: Air Jordan x Levi’s 23/501

By - May 1st, 2008

Do you think being foreign born and operating outside the U.S. allows for an objectivity not available to domestic creative teams?

I don’t think design is really constricted by a studios country’s of origin these days, of course your education takes you down certain pathways but with so much inspiration available through the internet and magazines I think style now transcends any kind of boundaries. Nike work with SOOOOOoooo many different people like :Phunk Studio, Tado, Wood Wood, Parra, the list is endless

Freshness Feature: Air Jordan x Levis 23/501

What were some of the inspirations that went into the product?

We were already familiar with Jordan’s achievements and their unique outlook on what the brand means to people and the positive messages that the brand stands for, plus the fact that Michael Jordan is arguably one of the most iconic figures of the 20th century, pair that with one of the worlds most recognized clothing labels… It was pretty much all the inspiration we needed! these are the people and brands we have always wanted to work with.

Freshness Feature: Air Jordan x Levis 23/501

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