Freshness Feature: Air Jordan x Levi’s 23/501

By - May 1st, 2008

What were you careful to include or edit about this product?

The image is crammed with little touches and nods to both brands, we wanted the graphic to be explored and discovered, we also just wanted it to look fuckin cool. I think we achieved both of those goals with this piece. The design was also laser cut into wood at first and had to be edited many times to get the cuts and fills looking right.

Freshness Feature: Air Jordan x Levis 23/501

What was the desired result of your work on this project and do you think your original intentions will be felt by the buyers?

We achieved a great design on a project that took many twists and turns to finally end up at this point. I think people can see the time and care spent on creating this work for brand Jordan and the guys at Nike.

Freshness Feature: Air Jordan x Levis 23/501




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