FUCT x Zippo Japan

By - June 1st, 2008

fuct zippo 01a copy FUCT x Zippo Japan

Since its inception in 1991 by graffiti artist/designer Erik Brunetti, the label simply known as FUCT been associated with anti-war slogan and images from the Vietnam War era since its very first collection. So it is very fitting for FUCT to create these limited edition lighter with Zippo of Japan. A must have for American G.I. since World War 2, the Zippo lighter was even credited of saving soldiers’ lives when it stopped enemy’s bullets on several occasions. Engraved with FUCT images reminiscent of the Vietnam War period, each lighter is tarnished and “worsted” by hand to give it a genuine appearance like it just got out from a firefight in the jungle of South East Asia. The process also guarantee that each is unique. And because the labor intensive nature of the production, only 200 will be available.

Limited to an edition of 200, the new Fuct Zippo lighters are manufactured exclusively in Japan. Using a unique process consisting of hand worked detail that is not found in traditional American Zippo lighters. Fuct has achieved an original “in field” look that is reminiscent of the original G.I. Zippo. Each lighter is one of a kind and displays the highest degree of excellence.

The Japanese Zippo Lighters have a great deal of hand worked three-dimensional detail that is not found in the traditional American Zippo, making the Japanese Zippo a unique piece. Each one of these engraved lighters is hand-buffed to create a tarnished finish reminiscent of the original GI Zippo. Every lighter is different with it’s own battle stained “in field” look.


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fuct zippo 02 FUCT x Zippo Japan

fuct zippo 01a copy FUCT x Zippo Japan

fuct zippo 03 FUCT x Zippo Japan

fuct zippo 01 FUCT x Zippo Japan

fuct zippo 02a FUCT x Zippo Japan

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