Nike Air Woven – Dragon Boat Festival (端午節) Pack

By - June 3rd, 2008

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The origin of the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival (端午節) varies. One widely accepted origins is the death of Qu Yuan (屈原), a scholar/imperial official from state of Chu around 300 B.C. A loyal subject and patriot, Qu found himself banished from the Imperial court after his advocation for more pragmatic solutions to emperor. After the state of Chu was overran by the powerful state of Qin. Qu Yuan committed suicide by drowning in a nearby river as a form of protest. As people learned of his sacrifice, the tradition of spreading rice into the river as an offering was born. Now, several thousand years later, the rice offering gave way to sticky rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaf called Zongzi (粽子). And the remembrance of Qu Yuan’s sacrifice on the river becomes the fabled dragon boat race (賽龍舟) festival.

With this year’s Dragon Boat Festival, also called Duanwu Festival, taking place this Sunday, June 8th (or every fifth day of the fifth month on the lunar calendar). Nike is releasing a “quick strike” Air Woven. Featuring a gradient of green, gray, black, and white colorways, like those found of Zongzi. The insole is also imprinted with graphic of Zongzi, with the character “端午节”, or Duanwu Festival, imprinted in Simplified Chinese. The Nike Air Woven Dragon Boat Festival Pack is currently available at Hong Kong’s Kix-Files‘ online store.

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