Kenny Scharf x Eli Tahari – Floatungle Surfboard

By - June 5th, 2008

Kenny Scharf x Eli Tahari   Floatungle Surfboard
We are no surfers, but a surfboard with a price tag of US$ 15,000 seems a tad much. The main reason behind the price tag is the art work, titled Floatungle, on it. Done by LA-based artist” target=”_blank”>Kenny Scharf, famous for his surrealism paintings that often mixed with cartoonish characters. The surfboar, along with other items in the collection, including a silk chiffon caftan and cotton voile pareo, are all exclusively available at designer label” target=”_blank”>Eli Tahari flagships in SoHo, New York and East Hamptons. Interested parties can phone in their purchase at both locations. via:” target=”_blank”>L.A. Times” target=”_blank”>> Eli Tahari” target=”_blank”>> Kenny Scharf