honeyee Tuesday – Alien Stomper vs. McFly 2015

By - June 10th, 2008

honeyee Tuesday   Alien Stomper vs. McFly 2015

http://honeyee.com” target=”_blank”>honeyee.com launched a very interesting project last week. Titled honeyee.com Tuesday, it is an impromptu survey that pits 2 issues/subjects against one another. The debut survey had presidential hopefuls for the http://democrats.org” target=”_blank”>Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. This week, it is 2 “virtual” sneakers: the so-called Alien Stomper by http://rbk.com” target=”_blank”>Reebok, which was wore by the doomed crew of Nostromo in the movie Alien. The other would be McFly 2015 by http://nike.com” target=”_blank”>Nike, the one fashioned by Michael J. Fox’s character as he sliced through air with his air board in Back to the Future 2.

It is only a few hours into the start of the survey and already McFly 2015 is in the lead by 79%. And if the previous survey was any indication, McFly 2015 might come out on top by day’s end.

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