Kanye West – UniverseCity Jacket

By - June 17th, 2008

Kanye West   UniverseCity Jacket

Kanye West is one of the few cross over musical and style icons of our current era, and as he continues to grasp his growing empire of business ventures it seems he is becoming one of the few tastemakers that can put his mark on something and it’s guaranteed to blow up. Now as Mr. West starts to develop his next venture, clothing, it’s safe to say it’ll have it’s following of fans and we’re pretty sure it’ll do pretty well, the brand is called Pastelle could be one of the first items from the Pastelle collection, the UniverseCity Jacket, featuring what looks to be some Murakami artwork on the back of the jacket, intertwined with some premium materials, and vibrant mix of colors. via: Deadstock Don

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Kanye West   UniverseCity Jacket