Gravis – To Change Logo – G to IV

By - June 26th, 2008

Gravis   To Change Logo   G to IV

Beyond that it is a fancy jargon used by business type, “Brand DNA” is quite a significant term for entrepreneurs and marketers. It is the building block of what a brand is about. And so during the course of this year, footwear and accessories label Gravis will gradually phase out its ubiquitous capital “G” logo and introduce a new one – Roman numeral 4 (IV). The reason behind the move is quite simple – to reiterate its Brand DNA. At its establishment, Gravis has always focus on its four sources of inspirations – skates, snowboards, surfing, and art. These four factors have long since became the foundations of what Gravis is today. To convey the brand’s continue commitments to the 4 themes. Gravis and its parent company, Burton, made the decision to update its logo into a “four”. Of course, changing something on such a scale is no easy task. It will be somewhat costly too. But the return for Gravis’ Brand DNA will be priceless.

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Gravis   To Change Logo   G to IV
Gravis – 2007 Jetway Rolling Luggage – Old “G” Logo

Gravis – 2008 Jetway Rolling Luggage – New “IV” Logo