Julius von Bismarck – Image Fulgurator

By - June 26th, 2008

Julius von Bismarck   Image Fulgurator

Today’s buzz word is the Image Fulgurator. This deadly (and cool) looking “weapon of choice” does not inflict pain or death. Instead, its unsuspecting victims suffer a range of emotion, from curiosity to bewilderment. A creation of Julius von Bismarck, a DIYer and artist based in Berlin. The Image Fulgurator, though imposing in appearance, is actually made from a traditional camera, flash control, flash unit, sensor, and other over-the-counter component. In essence, it works like a portable projector. Insert an already exposed film, with images, into the gadget. When the Image Fulgurator’s sensor detects a flash nearby go off, it also fires its own flash. The process superimpose the preset images onto the photos of unsuspecting photographer. The result: a sort of light graffiti on photos. Check out the YouTube video after the jump to see the Image Fulgurator in action.

> Julius von Bismarck – Image Fulgurator

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Julius von Bismarck   Image Fulgurator