Freshness Feature: ACU

By - July 1st, 2008

Freshness Feature: ACU

Freshness Feature: ACU

Interview with Tom Chung, Owner of ACU

Interview and Written by: Tom Bradley
Produced by: Dan Hwang

Founded by a group of longtime friends, ACU has given life to the fledgling Chinese streetwear market. Western ideals are infused with Eastern values as the brand develops into an internationally renowned label. With a few collaborations under their belt, ACU is forging a new identity for their community and changing the market as a whole.

Shop#15, 139 Changle Road | Map
Shanghai, China

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Tom Chung, owner of ACU

ACU Team

Discuss the type of friendship that exists among the founding members of CLOT/ACU?

We’ve known each other for AGES!!! We practically grew up together, then split up for Uni, then got back together afterwards. We are a family!!!

How did the ideas and practices of Acupuncture inspire and inform your work on this project?

Personally I believe in Chinese Medicine more than Western Medicine… I’ve also tried ACUpuncture for about 2 years now. And it really does work…..and why the name ACU is also because most of our members have gotten their education in the west… and we wanted to make ACU a place where East meets West….

ACU x CLOT – Nike Footscape Woven & ACU x CLOT – Nike Presto Dunk (Dunkesto)

ACU x CLOT – Nike Footscape Woven

ACU x CLOT – Nike Footscape Woven

ACU x CLOT – Nike Presto Dunk (Dunkesto)

ACU x CLOT – Nike Presto Dunk (Dunkesto)

What are some of the design cues we can look to as obvious representations of this influence?

Well basically a lot of our inspirations come from certain Chinese elements and through that we try and apply it to areas where we find it applicable. Hence the “East Meets West” is where we try and fuse the two together to create something that no one has ever created before.

What is the Chinese streetwear community like in comparison to Japan, NY and LA?

This market is definitely less mature in some parts….but the market is growing really fast….most people in cities like Tokyo, New York City or Los Angeles they have adapted the street culture into their daily lives but most ppl here in china are still thinking of it as a trend more than a lifestyle.

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