Kanye West – Thank You and You’re Welcome

By - July 2nd, 2008

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With his infamous Air Yeezys taking the shoe world by storm, his incredible lyrical talents, and the hype around his Pastelle brand building up, Kanye West can seemingly do no wrong right now. Now, after trying his hand at fashion and music (and succeeding in both), Kanye has decided to take a stab at literature. His Thank You and You’re Welcome is a book dedicated to spreading the word that he wants spread, uncensored and unfiltered. Mr. West himself sums it up as “My book is a guide to creating and then celebrating your moment!” Co-authored by J. Sakiya Sandifer, this piece is a well-written look into the philosophies and ideals that have driven Kanye to where he is today: the top. For anyone interested in what made Kanye what he is today, this book is a must-read. Available at We Sold Out.

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