Geseho x The Killer Gerbil

By - July 21st, 2008” title=”freshness-cover-gxkgb00.jpg”>Geseho x The Killer Gerbil  

Singapore’s street culture scene is still in its early stages however there seems to be a rise of brands which are working together to bring awareness of their scene. The Killer Gerbil is the alter ego of visual artist Luthfi Mustafah, who is based in Singapore and have been representing the graffiti/street art scene in Singapore and the South East Asia region for some time.

Geseho has worked with The Killer Gerbil to come up with these unique pieces reflecting his signature style. These are currently available through the Geseho online store.   

> Geseho
> The Killer Gerbil

More pics after the jump…” title=”gxkgb02.jpg”>Geseho x The Killer Gerbil” title=”gxkgb03.jpg”>Geseho x The Killer Gerbil” title=”gxkgb04.jpg”>Geseho x The Killer Gerbil” title=”gxkgb05.jpg”>Geseho x The Killer Gerbil” title=”gxkgb06.jpg”>Geseho x The Killer Gerbil