Converse – Leather Jacket Hi

By - August 3rd, 2008

converse 051 Converse   Leather Jacket Hi

If this pair of Converse reminds you of a leather jacket, that is because it is one!  Again, by applying new fabrication methods, Converse was able to create the very special Leather Jacket Hi.  Using actual vintage leather motorcycle jacket, Converse then reconstructed each into a pair of high-top sneaker.  Each pair is unique to its own.  To further the distinct theme and features, details such as zipper, rivets, grommets, and buttons were added.

Because the limitation to its supply source, Converse was only able to create 200 pairs of these special collection.  Currently available at very exclusive Converse boutiques worldwide, like KICKS/HI‘s Makaloa flagship.  But for those who can not make it to its Hawaii location.  KICKS/HI will be accepting phone orders starting Monday, August 4th.  Simply call 808-941-9191 for more details.

KICKS/HI – Makaloa
1530 Makaloa Street | aarow right Converse   Leather Jacket HiMap
Honolulu, HI 96814
TEL #: 808-941-9191


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converse 021 Converse   Leather Jacket Hi

converse 041 Converse   Leather Jacket Hi

converse 031 Converse   Leather Jacket Hi

converse 011 Converse   Leather Jacket Hi