Wall Lords

By - August 6th, 2008

freshness cover walllords Wall Lords 

Asian regions have had a thriving graffiti scene for years and Wall Lords is a competition which showcases best writers and crews from Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei and Shenzen. Crews and writers will compete over theme pieces, throw ups and hand styles with paint and markers. Next year sees expansion into Japan, Thailand and Indonesia. Check the Wall Lords website for more information on dates of each region.

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More photos and full flyer below…

freshness walllords Wall Lords

freshness 320088104612 Wall Lords
BOY – Hong Kong

freshness u20088224043 Wall Lords
Dabs - Taipei

82008716105531 Wall Lords
廣州城 – Shenzen

i2008722143248 Wall Lords
MCZ – Hong Kong