Freshness Feature: Nike and Loopwheeler

By - August 11th, 2008

Freshness Feature: Nike and Loopwheeler

Freshness Feature: Nike and Loopwheeler

Interview with Satoshi Suzuki – Owner, Loopwheeler
Produced by: Dan Hwang (DAN H.)

Loopwheeler is a brand built on a foundation of quality craftsmanship that has earned them a partnership with NIKE.  Nike Sportswear has seen the illustrious heritage of Nike come alive with vigor and excitement, thanks in no small part to Loopwheeler.  The partnership sought to use the elegance of Loopwheeler’s design process to both revive and reinvent some of Nike’s most historic pieces.  For further insight into the Loopwheeler X Nike project read the interview.

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Nike and Loopwheeler sharing the obsession for quality and craftsmanship.

It’s the obsession of quality and craftsmanship that drives Nike designers to create the most premium products. It was that obsession that drove Nike Design Director, Jarett Reynolds, to seek out Mr. Suzuki of Loopwheeler during a stay at Nike’s Tokyo Design Studio (TDS). Fleece is a part of sportswear DNA and as a Nike designer, Mr. Reynold’s has been obsessed with the material since day one. Loopwheeler, a brand based in Japan, is a company revered for their high-grade fleece. And so it happened that during Reynold’s stay in Japan, he began working together with Mr. Suzuki to create some of Nike’s most premium and iconic Nike Sportswear products.

A marriage of obsession, the Nike Sportswear products resulting from this relationship embody all Nike and Loopwheeler stand for – supreme quality and meticulous craftsmanship. Working closely with Loopwheeler, one of the only manufacturers in the world that still makes their cotton fabric on the original loop wheel machines, Nike has crafted iconic Nike Sportswear products that are practically handmade. Created though an incredibly detailed process, the Nike Sportswear products created with Loowheeler are extremely limited in quantity with an unsurpassed quality.

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