Mos Def Collection by Dustin Canalin for UNDRCRWN

By - August 22nd, 2008

Mos Def Collection by Dustin Canalin for UNDRCRWN” target=”_blank”>Mos Def (whose real name is Dante Terrell Smith) is definitely a driving force in the entertainment industry. From record deals to television appearances, a talent that does it all.  Now, he’s taking his first steps into the fashion industry.  Long known for his love of urban style, Mos Def recently partnered with” target=”_blank”>UNDRCRWN of Philadelphia for a new collection by the label’s creative director,  Dustin Canalin.  The aim behind the new project is to create a line with solid designs.  Furthermore, it can operate independently from Mos Def’s celebrity, establishing a name for itself as a stand-alone label.  While maybe not as prolific as Kanye West’s own” target=”_blank”>Pastelle, this new project from UNDRCRWN and Mos Def has already garnered much attention within the street wear/urban lifestyle industry.  Expect this collection to become one of the most coveted this year when it drops on August 26th at the Palms Hotel & Casino, in Las Vegas.  To learn more, read men’s fashion trade paper,″ target=”_blank”>DNR‘s report on it.″ target=”_blank”>> DNR: Mos Def Designs for UNDRCRWN” target=”_blank”>> UNDRCRWN (Under Crown)” target=”_blank”>> Mof Def