Subcrew – Summer ’08

By - August 28th, 2008” title=”freshness-cover.jpg”>Subcrew   Summer 08

Subcrew have been getting busy with their Summer ’08 line and they have introduced the ladies line to compliment their already strong mens line this season. Based on bold graphics accented with pop colors and slogans, Subcrew have been penetrating markets outside of their home city of Hong Kong. Keep an eye out for more things to come in the near future.

> Subcrew

More photos below…” title=”freshness-p1110097.jpg”>Subcrew   Summer 08” title=”freshness-p1110103.jpg”>Subcrew   Summer 08” title=”freshness-re_su08-ladies_3.jpg”>Subcrew   Summer 08” title=”freshness-re_fnm_3560n.jpg”>Subcrew   Summer 08” title=”freshness-re_fnm_3574n.jpg”>Subcrew   Summer 08” title=”freshness-re_fnm_3578n.jpg”>Subcrew   Summer 08” title=”freshness-re_ucs_4051ns.jpg”>Subcrew   Summer 08” title=”freshness-ucs_3979n2s.jpg”>Subcrew   Summer 08” title=”freshness-ucs_3791ns.jpg”>Subcrew   Summer 08” title=”freshness-ucs_3856nns.jpg”>Subcrew   Summer 08” title=”freshness-ucs_3862n.jpg”>Subcrew   Summer 08” title=”freshness-re_ucs_4413ns.jpg”>Subcrew   Summer 08