Untitled – Street Art in the Counter Culture

By - August 30th, 2008

 Untitled   Street Art in the Counter Culture

Street art has come along way with many artists around the world taking part and showing off their creativity for the public to see. Untitled is a 192 page book which contains the best artists of the scene and a must see for street art enthusiasts. With extensive artist list and featuring works by Banksy, Faile, D Face, Swoon, Bast, Blu, Blek Le Rat, Nick Walker, Obey, Dolk, Judith Supine, Eine, Gaia, Elbowtoe, Hush, Copyright, Mir, Dan Witz, Space Invador, Armsrock, Doze Green, Know Hope, Logan Hicks, Skullphone, WK Interact, Skewville, Borf, Ame 72, Sam 3, Eelus, Miss Bugs, Rene Gagnon, The London Police, Michael De Feo and much more. Via: FUSShop

> Untitled

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Untitled   Street Art in the Counter Culture