Isetan Art Convenience Store

By - September 5th, 2008

isetan art convenience store 0 Isetan Art Convenience Store

Now open in Japan’s Isetan department store, the “Art Convenience Store” carries some incredibly hard to find items.  Previewed by Japanese music industry personality Verbal in his blog here, the store carries a number of rare items including Verbal’s custom line of jewelery under the AMBUSH brand name, which includes pendants and rings with his signature POW!, as well as his new “BEEEEETHOVEN” rings and pendants.  While maybe a little on the flashy side, jewelry is hardly the only thing stocked in the store; items from Mastermind Japan, visvim, Undercover, Hysteric Glamour, and other major names in Japanese streetwear all share shelf space in the same area!   However, this space seems to be a very, very, very limited time deal- it is only scheduled to be open from September 3rd to the 9th, so if you’re in Japan, do yourself a favor and swing by Isetan to check it out!  Via: Isetan.  Pics via: Verbal’s blog at

Isetan Shinjuku
4-1 Shinjuku 3-chome
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, JP 160-0022
TEL #: 03-3352-1111

More photos below…

isetan art convenience store 1 Isetan Art Convenience Store

 isetan art convenience store 21 Isetan Art Convenience Store

 isetan art convenience store 3 Isetan Art Convenience Store

 isetan art convenience store 4 Isetan Art Convenience Store

isetan art convenience store 5 Isetan Art Convenience Store