Apple – Next Generation iPod touch, nano, + iTunes 8

By - September 10th, 2008

Ever since Apple launched the iPhone 3G, consumers had been waiting on an update to the iPod touch and now that time has come as Apple has just announced updates to both the iPod touch and iPod nano. The iPod touch has been dubbed “the funnest iPod ever” due to a new sleek design and a built in Nike+ feature. The iPod nano has also undergone a new design and is now available in nine different colors but perhaps the best feature of the new iPod nano is it’s accelerometer, which with the shake of the iPod turns your playlist into shuffle mode. Lastly Apple has updated it’s iTunes program to better cater to music lovers with it’s new Genius feature that creates a new music Playlist of songs that go together enabling users to “discover music they never knew they had or rediscover forgotten favorites”.

> Apple: iPod touch
> Apple: iPod nano
> Apple: iTunes 8

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