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By - September 16th, 2008

insa heels INSA Heels

London- based INSA Heels is a new collaborative high heels from graffiti artist INSA and shoe designer Ruth Shaw. “It is a bold backlash against mass production and aims to establish itself as a luxury footwear brand with limited edition colors, using only top end materials and European production. “INSA Heels’ are for the highly individual and discerning.”

Objects of desire often display shared facets: woven into their fabric are threads of intrigue and fantasy, creating an intangible need. Heels themselves are often, of course, objects of desire and objets d’art in their own right. Now the fantasy of “INSA Heels’ has become reality…

This is the first style released by INSA Heels, a round toe stiletto with a 10cm heel, the style name “The Cigarette’. The heels features the iconic heel design printed into the leather and will be available in 3 limited edition colorways: the “Lewisham’: white base with black & fuchsia print with pink inner; the “Hackney’: pink base with black & white print with black inner; and the “Chelsea’: black base with gold print with black inner. All have a high gloss finish to the leather. They are premium leather throughout and produced to the highest standard in Europe.

If you’re eager to get these in your possession you can check out, the site officially goes live tomorrow, September 17, 2008.

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lewisham1 INSA Heels

lewisham2 INSA Heels

lewisham3 INSA Heels

lewisham4 INSA Heels


hackney1 INSA Heels

hackney2 INSA Heels

hackney3 INSA Heels

hackney4 INSA Heels


chelsea1 INSA Heels

chelsea2 INSA Heels

chelsea3 INSA Heels

chelsea4 INSA Heels