Poyz + Pirlz Tees.

By - October 15th, 2008

poyz and pirlz 21 Poyz + Pirlz Tees.

French rapper Dabaaz’s collection of tees Poyz and Poyz & Pirlz , have been hitting home for hipsters all over France. The almost always sold-out collection consists of graphics printed on the tees that infuse sweet memoriabilia (i.e., the full cast of The Cosby Show emblazoned with the phrase ‘Si Si! La Famille!’), mixed with pungent, in-your-face slogans such as “Flou Is Dead ”. The use of color is minimal, with an emphasis on the pop cultural statments and the fact that the tees are unisex only!

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pplafamillepackshot Poyz + Pirlz Tees.

ppfluopackshot Poyz + Pirlz Tees.