NO REASON Exhibition

By - October 17th, 2008

NO REASON Exhibition

No Reason curated by our friends, Lin Lin and Sam at Jellymon . They’ve rounded up 20-plus artists specialized in street art, streetwear, illustration, design and photography for this exhibition.

It’s a show for No Reason.. No Sponsors, No Agenda just affordable art from domestically and internationally renowned and up and coming artists from the worlds of street art, streetwear, illustration, design and photography.

Participating artists:
Jellymon 遮你摸 (Shanghai/London), The Wonderful Design Works (Tokyo), Tado (UK), Jon Burgerman (UK), Nanospore (USA), Gaston Cabo (ARG), MISHKA NYC (USA), FUCT (USA), Nial (IRE/AUS),  Rodney Evans (AUS), Sean Tucker (NYC), WZL/大王 (Beijing), JOVIXU/許仙人 (Guilin), BeiBang (Shanghai), 223 (Beijing), Alex So (Guangzhou), Tony Law (USA/Beijing), Madi Ju (Beijing), Pop for Jellymon, LULU for Jellymon, 大码子/Inky(SH), Ceilen Lau(SH), 猴太后(SH), and Unitag (SH)

The Source
No. 158 Xinle Lu
Shanghai, China

Event Date: October 17 tonight! | 7:30pm

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