adidas Consortium AZX Project – ZX9000 – VA

By - October 22nd, 2008

adidas Consortium AZX Project   ZX9000   VA

It is always about the search and to some it is almost like a hunt.  These are the primal premises that drive sneaker connoisseurs to seek out their next loot. And that leads us to the letter “V” in the 3rd round of” target=”_blank”>adidas Originals Consortium – AZX Project, which highlights the most recent sneaker boutique to open in Harajuku,” target=”_blank”>VA.  Short for” target=”_blank”>Various Artists, VA is located one portion within the” target=”_blank”>XLARGE flagship in Harajuku.  Though the shop size could be deceiving, VA does have one of the most well-stock product lineup since it is managed by” target=”_blank”>styles of Daikayama, the leading retailer of adidas ware in Japan.

The VA version of ZX9000 is comprised of cotton jersey, the same pliable fabric on a sweatshirt.  Then, it was pre-treated to withstand the elements and everyday wear and tear.  The 3 stripes are made in anthracite-colored velour, then further sharpen with outlines in reflective yellow.

Though most retailers have sold out the adidas Originals Consortium – AZX Project VA Edition, some still have additional pairs left to offer on their online store, including” target=”_blank”>sneakernstuff and” target=”_blank”>CROOKED TONGUES.

VA | XLARGE Harajuku
4-25-29 Jingumae |,116.488724&spn=0.061942,0.149689&t=h&z=13&iwloc=B” target=”_blank”>adidas Consortium AZX Project   ZX9000   VA,139.707856&spn=0.006624,0.013304&t=h&z=16&iwloc=addr” target=”_blank”>Map
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan” target=”_blank”>> VA” target=”_blank”>> adidas” target=”_blank”>> sneakernstuff (SNS)” target=”_blank”>> CROOKED TONGUES

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adidas Consortium AZX Project   ZX9000   VA