Upper Playground – Obama Daily Print Giveaway

By - October 22nd, 2008

upper playground sam flores obama

As election day approaching fast here in the U.S. The folks from Upper Playground just created an interesting contest, a daily giveaway of exclusive prints featuring the current leader in the polls and the likely winner on November 4th, Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama. Works from 6 renowned artists – David Choe, Morning Breath, Munk One, Sam Flores (seen above), Alex Pardee, and Justin Bua. Upper Playground is giving away 5 units of that day’s selected prints each day. To enter, simply visit the NEWS section on Upper Playground’s website and wait for the contest’s daily instructions at 10 am Pacific Time. Don’t miss your chance to win some these highly prized limited edition prints, all of which are retail for US$ 200 per piece and some have sold out already.

> Upper Playground – News

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upper playground sam flores obamaUpper Playground x Sam Flores – Barack Obama Poster

upper playground morning breath obamaUpper Playground x Morning Breathe – Barack Obama Poster

upper playground alex pardee obamaUpper Playground x Alex Pardee – Barack Obama Poster

upper playground munk one obamaUpper Playground x Munk One – Barack Obama Poster

upper playground justin bua obamaUpper Playground x Justin Bua – Barack Obama Poster

upper playground david choe obamaUpper Playground x David Choe – Barack Obama Poster (1 of 2 designs)