Mishka Custom Shop – Custom Half Mop T-Shirt

By - November 4th, 2008

Mishka Custom Shop   Custom Half Mop T Shirt

The popular “design it yourself” project from http://mishkanyc.com” target=”_blank”>Mishka, the http://mishkanyc.ltd-ltd-ltd.com” target=”_blank”>Mishka Custom Shop, is back.  The project allows shoppers to craft their very own Mishka tee, this time being the signature Mishka Half Mop T-Shirt.  With 4 major design elements, a slew of color options, and a customized interior label function, shoppers could create about 108 different design combination on their t-shirt.  The Mishka Custom Shop will be open from now till Friday, November 21st.  All orders will begin to ship starting the first week of December.

Project Date: Now – November 21st (Friday)

http://mishkanyc.ltd-ltd-ltd.com/” target=”_blank”>> Mishka Custom Shop