UNDRCRWN – Down Goes McCain (O-KO) Tee

By - November 5th, 2008

UNDRCRWN   Down Goes McCain (O KO) Tee

In a day that will forever be remembered in US history, Barack Obama has become the first African-American person to become president elect and to celebrate the momentous occasion http://undrcrwn.com/” target=”_blank”>UNDRCRWN has created a new t-shirt inspired by a Muhammed Ali picture featuring the signature UNDRCRWN charicatures. The tee which is being called the “Down Goes McCain (O-KO)” tee, is available now in four different colors including, White, Navy, Black, and Dark Gray at the https://secure.undrcrwn.com/Shop/Products.cfm/Detail/126″ target=”_blank”>UNDRCRWN Online Shop. via: http://dustincanalin.blogspot.com/2008/11/thank-you.html” target=”_blank”>Dustin Canalin

http://undrcrwn.com/” target=”_blank”>> UNDRCRWN

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UNDRCRWN   Down Goes McCain (O KO) Tee