Levi’s Fenom – Crush Customize Denim

By - December 1st, 2008

Levis Fenom   Crush Customize Denim

Levi’s Fenom’s newest collection of denim is called the “Crush Customize Denim” and it comes in the Red Package and Indigo colorway as well as the Black Denim colorway. Both colors come in either the Levi’s 505 or 207 style. The different with these jeans and the majority of other Levi’s Fenom jeans we’ve seen is the fact that these have been washed thoroughly and have a distressed look to them. Unfortunately for those of outside of Japan we won’t be able to pick these up, however if you do live in Japan please be aware that these will be sold via: a lottery system on the hnyee.Store starting on December 4th.

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Levis Fenom   Crush Customize Denim