Overkill – Official Sneaker Archive

By - January 9th, 2009

 Overkill   Official Sneaker Archive

Since its inception, Berlin retailer Overkill has been one of the premiere place to visit, both in real world and virtual world of the Internet.  After the store’s recent expansion of its physical storefront, in addition to the redesign of its online store, the folks at Overkill moved to create a new website – www.sneakers.bz  As Overkill’s Official Sneaker Archive, the new site is a treasure trove of sneakers from all brands, a complete database of everything sold by Overkill since 2005.  Aside from illuminating data points and detailed photos (eye candies for sneakerheads), www.sneakers.bz  will also offer availability updates in case if and when a pair is available for purchase.

> Overkill – Official Sneaker Archive

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Overkill   Official Sneaker Archive