Stussy x NEXUSVII x Nas – Black 03 + 04 T-Shirt

By - January 12th, 2009

Stussy x NEXUSVII x Nas   Black 03 + 04 T Shirt

To mark the 7th anniversary of” target=”_blank”>NEXUSVII (” target=”_blank”>NEXUS 7) as well as December 8th sold out concert of″ target=”_blank”>Nas in Tokyo.  Stussy Japan released the third and fourth installments of a triple collaboration t-shirt series this past weekend at all Stussy chapters across Japan.  However, in addition to the all-white versions sold at Stussy, the trio also created a special all-black colorways.  The all black version of t-shirt design 03 and 04 is now available for purchase only at NEXUSVII’s flagship stores,” target=”_blank”>VLACK, in Yokohama, Osaka, and Hiroshima.  The tees are also available at VLACK’s online shop as well.” target=”_blank”>> NEXUSVII (NEXUS 7)” target=”_blank”>> VLACK” target=”_blank”>> Stussy″ target=”_blank”>> Nas