Nike x Coraline Dunk – Movie Props Edition

By - January 23rd, 2009

nike x coraline dunk 01

The upcoming full-length animated film, Coraline, were made possible by hundreds of talented people and the imagination of Neil Gaiman. Some of those creative minds also had a hand in creating the Coraline Dunk above. Taking the handcrafted style of the film as inspiration, this special edition features a unique hand sewn black visible seam on the upper. The director Henry Selick (also the director of The Nightmare before Christmas), designed the oversize buttons found on only 100 pairs, and fifty boxes contain actual props from the movie. This pair comes with a cat and mouse lace locks and matching tails and a pair of cotton candy from the movie. Also a nice detail is the glow in the dark outsole completing the overall nice package. For those of you who want a pair of these will have to go check out the movie, opening February 6th and make sure to stay after the credits for a clue. Big thanks goes out to Rob Heppler and the WK12 crew!

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