PUMA – Giant Clyde

By - January 28th, 2009

giant puma clyde 01 PUMA   Giant Clyde

The PUMA Clyde can be placed into the company of shoes such as the Nike Dunk, Air Jordan and Reebok Pump as one of the most recognizable shoes in the market.  Since 1973, the PUMA Clyde has been designed over and over again and come out in a plethora of versions and styles so much so that, unless you are a supreme PUMA aficionado, it would be impossible to list them all.

Here we have a PUMA Clyde that will remain in your memory for years to come as it has been made in a size that is rather unusual for the sneaker market: a size US45.  The shoe is designed with a simple, black suede upper and white sole, but would make you think it was a zoom image if you saw the show by itself.  More than 35 years after the introduction of the Clyde, PUMA continues to keep the shoe on the forefront of casual sportswear with this promotional Giant Clyde.  Enjoy the pictures below as you will be able to see how the shoe compares to the regular size 9 Clyde in different angles.


giant puma clyde 02 PUMA   Giant Clyde

giant puma clyde 04 PUMA   Giant Clyde

giant puma clyde 03 PUMA   Giant Clyde

giant puma clyde 05 PUMA   Giant Clyde