Shepard Fairey vs. The Associated Press

By - February 9th, 2009

Shepard Fairey vs. The Associated Press
Original photo by Mannie Garcia/Associated Press (Left)
Obama Hope Poster by Shepard Fairey (Right)

A new development in regards to the controversy between artist” target=”_blank”>Shepard Fairey and” target=”_blank”>Associated Press.  Last Wednesday, February 4th, the quintessential global news organization,” target=”_blank”>Associated Press (” target=”_blank”>AP), stated in a release that the popular Obama Hope poster, by Fairey, was in fact an asset of AP since it was based on a photograph taken by former AP photographer Mannie Garcia.  Therefore, the news service is seeking credit and loyalty for its usage.  Fairey fired back this morning.  With the help of” target=”_blank”>Stanford Law School and firm” target=”_blank”>Durie Tangri, Fairey filed a lawsuit against AP.  In the compliant, Fairey and his firm,” target=”_blank”>Obey Giant, wants a legal declaration that the poster did not infringe on AP’s copyright.  It also seeks a protection from AP’s future claims of copyright infringement against anyone currently own the poster or derivatives from it. Expect more development to come soon.” target=”_blank”>> Shepard Fairey | Obey Giant” target=”_blank”>> Associated Press