Aki Hoshino – Japan’s Travel Safety Ambassador

By - February 15th, 2009

Aki Hoshino   Japans Travel Safety Ambassador

Can’t tell who this is?  She’s none other than the darling of sneakerheads worldwide, Japanese model http://ameblo.jp/hoshino–aki/” target=”_blank”>Aki Hoshino (http://ameblo.jp/hoshino–aki/” target=”_blank”>ほしのあき).  After her stint with retailer http://kikstyo.com” target=”_blank”>KIKS TYO and photographer http://cexwork.com” target=”_blank”>Yonehara last year, the 31-year old Hoshino was asked to be the spokesperson on oversea travel safety by Japan’s http://mofa.go.jp” target=”_blank”>Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Her new job includes tip bits on consulate assistance, passport theft, foreign customary practices, and more. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also created a special website with mini travel quiz and a brief interview with Hoshino on her travel experiences.

http://ameblo.jp/hoshino–aki/” target=”_blank”>> Aki Hoshino’s Blog

http://wcheck-kaigai.jp” target=”_blank”>> Oversea Travel Safety (Minstry of Foreign Affairs, Japan)