A.R.C. x New Balance 1300

By - February 19th, 2009

A.R.C. x New Balance 1300

Interview with Treis Hill of A.R.C.

What meetings or discussions led to the A.R.C. x New Balance 1300 pack project?

A New Balance A.R.C project has been under way for about 3 years now, there was an A.R.C New Balance shoe scheduled to release from us but it wasn’t meant to be. We continued to work with New Balance and finally were able to put something together. New Balance shared the same sentiment as ourselves; to produce well designed, quality Footwear. We weren’t aiming to have a line in front of the store or tell the public there are only 25 pairs. We wanted to develop great looking sneakers and nothing more.

How did the A.R.C. team decide upon the 1300 model?

The 1300 overall is a staff favorite, it is a style that has not really be over exposed or co-branded by other shops. We wanted to bring to the market a New Balance Collection that was representative to us and what we feel the people would be into. These 1300’s are clean and wearable and that’s was our mission to develop shoes that were worn and not resold or traded but actually worn.

What types of freedoms or restrictions were in place regarding color and material choice?

We had free range, the sky was the limit. But we kept it clean and simple, we wanted to stay true to the New Balance heritage, the color (teal) is atypical for New Balance US, however the color blocking and materials are true to what New Balance stands for. New Balance represents athleticism and sports, our focus was to maintain that message. New balance maintains a policy of not allowing brands to utilize there corporate logos on the New Balance Sneakers, however we were able to execute our distinct tie-striped pattern which we utilize on all of our SMU shoes.

Describe your interaction with New Balance’s famed “Super Team 33.”

We’ve carried the Super Team 33 Collection in our store from it’s inception, they’ve done some exciting projects and we look forward to all other projects from them in the future.

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