A.R.C. x New Balance 1300

By - February 19th, 2009

A.R.C. x New Balance 1300

While visiting the New Balance site in Maine, did you make any comparisons or note contrasts between A.R.C. as a brand and N.B. ?

New Balance exude, product, quality, sport and perfection all aspects we strive to achieve daily at A.R.C.

Streetwear is truly an international culture yet this project is strictly an American collaboration. What was it like staying stateside for this project and does it affect your design approach?

Streetwear is truly an international culture, however we don’t view our brand or this project as streetwear, all of our co-branded products are done with companies who have experience in producing quality, functional sportswear. Our mission from the beginning was to bring awareness to New Balance USA. For so long New Balance fans in Europe and Asia have been able to enjoy amazing projects while those of us here in the States were forced to go great links to get our hands on sought after New Balance sneakers. Our goal was to reverse that trend. It’s our first project with New Balance and it won’t be our last.

Discuss the craftsmanship involved in the production of the A.R.C. x N.B. 1300

It’s truly amazing to be able to see a shoe developed right in front of you, but even more impressive to see that happen here in the U.S. There aren’t too many products manufactured on American soil any more and it’s truly a privilege to be able to see the excitement and passion that when into these shoes. Special Thank You to the entire New Balance Super Team 33 Production Team! And we can’t forget Gee, Piet and Joe, Thank You!! //

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