Sneaker Con Recap

By - March 2nd, 2009

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As many of you may know Sneaker Con, the newest and freshest sneaker buy/sell/trade and showcase event went down yesterday, March 1st, at the Times Square Arts Center in New York City. Being a new kid on the block is always difficult, even in the world of sneaker conventions. But Sneaker Con coolly pulled out off a great event with an excellent reception from blogs and big media to deliver a uniquely great experience enjoyed by the 1000+ guests at the show.

Among the hundreds of Sneaker Con attendees were a few sneaker collector legends such as The Mayor, DJ Clark Kent and All Day. Even though the three aforementioned collectors stood out in the crowd, there were dozens of collectors present rocking red hot heat ranging from samples to super limited Air Force 1s, Air Jordans and Nike Dunks (standout sneakers included Freddy Krueger SB samples, Pigeon SBs, Original Air Jordans and Nike Air Force 1s that you would probably never see outside of sneaker boutiques and $1000+ Ebay auctions).  There were shoes on display (not for sale) that even trumped some of the ultra-rare heat seen at the tables and on the floors of Sneaker Con.  Coraline Dunks equipped with the limited-edition props were in a case surrounded by white patent-leather Air Jordan Vs as well as a handful of unreleased Air Maxes.

Vendors weren’t the only ones dishing out heat, even though they had great visibility and vantage points from the well-organized tables on which they were situated.  Anyone who chose to was permitted to bring their own sneakers to trade or sell,  transforming the interior of the Times Square Arts Center into a sneaker heaven where a sneaker head could find almost anything they could imagine.  Sneakers were deemed a currency just as legitimate (or in some cases more legitimate) as cash.

All in all, Sneaker Con definitely earned its success as an event as the sponsors created an almost other-worldly environment for sneaker heads to do their thing. So if you loved it so much that you didn’t want to leave or you missed it, keep your fingers crossed and stay-tuned for word of the next opportunity to travel the one and only, Sneaker Con. This is only the beginning of  Sneaker Con’s lineage. Big thanks to Phil Chang for shooting the event for Freshness.

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Scott Nelson (Mike 23) and Stash

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At The Buzzer Boston

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Kicks and Chicks

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Stash, The Mayor, YM, and DJ Clark Kent and son

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The Mayor & YM

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Wendy ( YM (Sneaker News, Freshness and co-founder of Sneaker Con), Sharon (NY Mag)

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Gradient Magazine’s Matt, Alan and Barris (Alan & Barris are also co-founders of Sneaker Con)

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The ladies of Sneaker Con – Kim & Brigador

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YES HEAT! Air Jordan V, ESPO Air Force II, Coraline Dunk, Nylon Mag Dunk