Lomo – Lubitel 166+

By - March 5th, 2009

cover Lomo   Lubitel 166+

Lomo has been loved by professionals and amatuer photographers worldwide and their Lubitel camera is a popular choice for a fun medium format camera. The Lubitel 166+ is an updated version which has great key function which allows not only 120mm format film to be used but also 35mm (normal) film to be fitted with a simple adapter. The 6 x 6 square format that is common for 120mm film camera or the endless panorama function now have more shooting choices of film as well.

Also the view finder has been refined with 100% image coverage over the old model which only showed 80% image coverage. The new model allows for closer focus of 0.8m rather than the previous 1.4m which is useful and improves the camera’s functionality. At this digital age, analogue may be something that can provide fun for the curious minds.

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