Nokia N97 Smartphone – Shipment Begins Today

By - June 2nd, 2009
Nokia N97 Smartphone   Shipment Begins Today Nokia N97 Smartphone   Shipment Begins Today

Only on its 2nd day and already June is proving to be a busy month as merchandisers vying for spots to mark their product launch.  One such is the anticipated N97 Smartphone from Nokia, which begins to roll out of its factories worldwide today.  First unveiled during the last December’s Nokia World 2008, the N97 device, as Nokia puts it, is not so much a “smartphone” but more of a “mobile computer”.

Working in conjunction with the newly opened application store from Nokia, Ovi, the N97 boasts a slew of functions, not unlike those found on the iPhone App Store.  Designed by Eguchi Shunjiro, its physical properties are impressive  as well, including a QWERTY key pad that doesn’t slide out but pivot upward via: a “swing brace”.  This immediate provide an ideal viewing angle of the 3.5 LCD screen for user while they type.

Though it most likely won’t be able to dethrone the current king of mobile device Apple iPhone .  The new Nokia N97 will certain make the field a bit more crowded, which entails more selection for the consumers at large.

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wow, this phone looks hot! Nokia has come a long time from the candy bar monocolor screen phones with the little nub antennas


Hey everybody.. First off, I really can't wait for the Nokia N97 but!! Does anybody know when it will be released in Australia? I have been looking everywhere for the release date for AUS, but I cannot find anything. I'm hoping somebody knows.. I've been on the Aus Nokia website but that doesn't say; it only says coming soon.. So does anybody know the actual release date for the Aussies? I came across a website for the Nokia N97 owners let's help each other on this great phone.