Supreme Sticker Collection – An Interview with Clarence Nathan

By - June 2nd, 2009

Supreme Sticker Collection   An Interview with Clarence Nathan

In the subculture that Freshness has been writing about the past few years, much of the topics involve collecting or collectibles. There are many types of collectors and our friend Clarence Nathan collects Supreme stickers, while some have started to collect them in recent years as the Supreme ‘box logo’ became a valuable collectible, Clarence has been collecting them for over 14 years.

I’ve known Clarence sometime and have seen him many times in and around the Supreme area. I knew he had a history with Supreme and even thought he worked there at one point, he never did. Recently, Clarence sent an email and said that he wanted to show his Supreme sticker collection and that he had a lot. When he showed up at our office and started to pull out his collection, I was completely blown away by what he has collected over the years. Click through below for his recount of collecting stickers since the late 80s and a photo journey through his collection of Supreme stickers.

Clarence Nathan is the owner of Premium Goods in Brooklyn and Houston and a collector of many things including stickers in general.

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