Wrath Arcane – Grey Skeleton Hoodie

By - June 6th, 2009

Wrath Arcane   Grey Skeleton Hoodie

For many Ohio may not seem like the hipped fashion mecca out there, but brands such as Abercrombie and Fitch and The Limited (which houses Victoria’s Secret) are all based out in the Midwestern state. Wrath Arcane is based right in Ohio, in the city of Cleveland since 2006. Wrath Arcane maintains a minimalist approach to contemporary streetwear and is committed to growing the apparel industry by using domestic manufacturers and eco-friendly mills. For its Spring 09 collection, Wrath Arcane perpetuates its minimalist approach but with thoughtful details such as hidden plackets, duo layered zipping and unusual seams that are subtle yet interesting.The brand’s Grey Skeleton Hoodie embodies the same design aesthetic with a vest front overlay, creating a layering look that is somewhat between casual and dressy. The Skeleton Hoodie comes in two colorways, black and grey, and the grey version is now available at OAK.

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Wrath Arcane   Grey Skeleton Hoodie