By - June 15th, 2009

reedwrite notebook 1 570x427 REEDWRITE® Launch

jeffstaple and his Staple Design team have just released a new projected entitled, REEDWRITE®, which will feature various journals, notebooks, diaries, sketchbooks, and more. The first release from this new venture by jeffstaple is this 6 x 8 notebook that comes in a all suede cover. The notebook features 80 blank pages of off white paper to give it a “soothing” look. This is available now for $25 at select REEDWRITE® retailers including The Reed Space. via: jeffstaple

reedwrite notebook 2 570x427 REEDWRITE® Launch reedwrite notebook 3 570x427 REEDWRITE® Launch reedwrite notebook 4 570x427 REEDWRITE® Launch