TOYGIANTS Book – Daniel and Geo Fuchs

By - June 18th, 2009

TOYGIANTS Book   Daniel and Geo Fuchs

It seems appropriate that a classic toy figurine collection would start from the iconic superheros, the dark, brooding Batman, and the personification of moral compass, Superman. For artists Daniel and Geo Fuchs, their photography project, TOYGIANTS stemmed exactly from these two figures, plus the incredible Mr. Hulk. TOYGIANTS is a series of photography of vinyl toys and figurines that are produced to the effect of blurring reality and fiction. Larger than life-size portraits of figurines of political and cultural figures ranging from George Bush and nemesis Osama Bin Laden to Hollywood A-list Bruce Willis. The close-up of these figure’s life-like faces in an unfamiliar scale puts viewers in an uncanny space between the meatspace and the fantasy scape. Other than portraits, anime figures and vinyl toys from designers such as Gary Baseman and KAWS are arranged in collective shots that pushes our concept of viewing toys and conceiving them to test. Even though the exhibition had successfully closed at Museum Villa Stuck in Munich, the book detailing these shots are now available online at TOYGIANTS.


TOYGIANTS Book   Daniel and Geo Fuchs






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whats the serie called on page 2 with the banana on it? are they stil available? =)