Casio G-Shock – “Shock The World” Tour 2009 – Asia Editions

By - June 23rd, 2009

Casio G Shock   Shock The World Tour 2009   Asia Editions

The worldwide Casio G-Shock “Shock The World” promotional tour, which kicked off in London on June 11th and arrives in Hong Kong on June 26th. Each city will host parties with exclusive product launches and special guest performances and DJs. The project also features a series of exclusive artist collaborations with the brand, including Hong Kong’s local street-lifestyle brand SUBCREW, led by celebrity actor/designer/DJ Sam Lee and popular rap group, 24HERBS, Singapore’s art and design collective, :phunk, and Taiwan’s fixed-gear bicycle crew, nabiis. The tour also features the “Father of G-Shock,” Kikuo Ibe, creator of the legendary “shock-resistant” timepiece. These artists will create limited-edition one-off designs for “Shock The World” Tour 2009 that will not be reproduced for sale.

The “Shock The World” project also includes the launch of the webzine, which launched in mid-June with collaborators SUBCREW, :phunk and nabiis guest-blogging on the site, along with the G-Shock Tokyo headquarters team. G-Shock continues to “Shock The World” with a global 2009 party tour, where the latest timepiece models will be unveiled, G-Shock collections: Tough Solar, G-Lide, SRF, Crazy Color, Gravity Defier, MTG. From early-July 2009, purchase of a G-Shock or Baby-G timepiece from City Chain or G-Factory stores in Hong Kong, you will receive a gift with purchase of the G-Shock cap designed by SUBCREW. Available while stocks last.

The worldwide project visits 12 cities over six months, from London to Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York, Taipei, Singapore, Tokyo, Paris, Barcelona, Mexico City, Seoul and Berlin.

The SUBCREW concept was originally hatched in the summer of 2002. By 2005, SUBCREWreact was officially founded in Hong Kong by Sam Lee, FaiONE, Frankie and Kobe. SUBCREW is a combination of “submarine” and “crew,” referring to how each skilled crew member stands fast at their post, ready to face anything together. The team’s low-key, stealth operations go beyond borders, with no limits. The independent character of SUBCREW sees them produce one-of-a-kind streetwear and lifestyle items that quickly reach iconic status.

24HERBS (“Ya Sei Mei” in Cantonese) is a six-member hardcore-rap group from Hong Kong. Mr. Drunk (aka Conroy Chan, an actor and ALIVE artist) flows with his unique perspective on life. DJ Dor Yuk (aka Eddie Chung, an established producer) blends the music together. Brian Siswojo (of Know1ege clothing brand and 8FIVE2 shop) adds a mad sense of humor mixed with unforgettable lines. Ghost Style (an underground artist/producer) brings his English raps and stylish beats to the fore. And MCs Kit and Phat (members of the legendary group, LMF) keep it real with straight-up hardcore Canto-raps, direct from the street.

Alvin Tab (b.1974), Melvin Chee (b.1974), Jackson Tan (b.1974) and William Chan (b.1973) are four Singaporean artists/designers of Chinese descent. They met at the Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts, and came together in 1994 to form :phunk studio (now :phunk), a creative collective based in Singapore.

“Nabis” refers to the “ancient prophets,” who were a group of young post-Impressionist, avant-garde Parisian artists of the 1890s. They believed that the Impressionist paintings at the time were too superficial and mundane, and they rejected Realism. Rather, they sought to find the roots of art, creativity and originality, which they felt should be about life and passion.
nabiis, revered as Taiwan’s one and only fixed-gear collective, was founded by Ken, Hawk, Chek, Fhaione, and Klamm. nabiis reflects how the five currently feel about art. They hope to promote and spread the Nabis belief in all they do.

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