Curated by Arkitip – HunterGatherer Interview Video

By - June 23rd, 2009

Curated by Arkitip   HunterGatherer Interview Video

Mentioned previously, the latest collaborator to participate in the Curated by Arkitip is the multi-discipline studio HunterGatherer based in New York City.  It, along with its retail storefront, Igloo, in Los Angeles, promote peculiar designs and concepts.  Take the studio ubiquitous Woodgrain design, which stemmed from the counterintuitive concept (and border on the ridiculous) of natural materials converted into inorganic objects. (ie. Table made from composite wood).

See how Todd St. John and Gary Benzel, principals of HunterGatherer described the process and formulation behind their projects in this latest video by Curated by Arkitip.

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